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Showtime in Madrid

16-01-2017 Hits:510

Showtime in Madrid

After Barcelona, the Crazy Dunkers did a spectacular show during half time of Madrid Euroleague game ! Amazing !  

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Handball World Championship from the 15t…

26-02-2015 Hits:1799

Handball World Championship from the 15th to the 25th of January

Handball World Championship from the 15th to the 25th of January Beginning of January, the famous dunk artists flew to Doha to entertain one of the Fanzone of the Handball World Championship. The Crazy Dunkers, already worldwide well-known for their acrobatic dunk show, created an exclusive handball acrobatic show for this event !

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Chypre All Star Day

08-01-2015 Hits:1855

Chypre All Star Day

One more time the Crazy Dunkers took part in the All Star Day in Cyprus where their acrobatic dunks still have the same success.

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Acrobatic Slam Dunk, an artistic discipline

Acrobatic slam dunk is above all an artistic discipline. It consists of a succession of dunks realized with up to 4 tramps. Crazy dunks realized up to 4 meters high with amazing tricks in front of an audience always captivated.

Amazing shows

The Crazy Dunkers will amaze your audience with breathtaking showsThey perform different acrobatic slam dunk shows, always dynamics and explosives on wild sounds of hip-hop and rock music, mixing acrobatics precision to dunks explosion.

Shows can last from 2 to 25 minutes and can be adapted, different options are possible up to 1h30 of entertainment, according to your technical, time or other requirements.

The shows can be performed both inside and outside : basketball games or tournaments, sport clubs birthdays, sport events, commercial events, opening ceremonies, private events and many other contexts...

New show : the Crazy Hand !

The Crazy Dunkers innovate with their new handball show exclusive for handball games contexts !


Funny costumes with led lights
New technology balls
Impressive acrobatics in dark
Surprise effect garanteed


LED groupe

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Join the Crazy Dunkers' experience!

What can be more amazing for fans than trying to be a Crazy Dunker!

To complete the Crazy Dunkers show, it is possible to set up acrobatic slam dunk initiation sessions of approximately 25 minutes. This is a much appreciated option by event’s organizers and most of all by the audience from all ages who can feel like a Crazy Dunker for a moment.

They can learn first steps of acrobatic slam dunk with precious advice from the leaders in full safety.

A unique experience and an amazing closeness to the discipline and to the artists themselves.

Initiation strong points :

  • Strong sensations discovery
  • Supervised by certificated professionals
  • Closeness to the Crazy Dunkers
  • Original activity